Who We Are

Language labTunxis has a robust outcomes assessment model that has been developed over the past ten years.  Much institutional support has come as use of our outcomes assessments for our ability Assessment Project.  ePortfolio was a natural connection to that work, and both grew on campus together.  The projects began as faculty initiatives and continue to develop and improve through the work of faculty leaders on campus.  The ePortfolio project is currently most developed in career programs, where program and general education abilities are assessed through capstone ePortfolios.  Our next steps involved expanding beyond programs and into General Studies and Liberal Arts & Sciences majors so more students experience the opportunity to integrate, reflect, and inquire through ePortfolio.

In 2009, Tunxis selected Digication as its ePortfolio platform because of its ease of use, ability to create multiple ePortfolios, and the Assessment Management System that works alongside our outcomes data collection.

Much of our work has focused on reflective pedagogy and the use of ePortfolio across the curriculum.  Visit our reflective practices in Composition, Developmental English, and Business Capstone to see some of our most successful practices on campus.

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