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  • The way that eportfolio has supported me as a learner is because it helped me to organized my ideas and thought more effectively. Eportfolio helped me to plan what i wanted to write about and it helped with my corrections and make my feedback from my professor a lot easier to understand.Students in quad
  • I have learned that getting feedback from a ot of people and classmates helps created a better essay.
  • How to organize my assignments and look back at assignments to refer to them if i needed them including my feedback.
  • It shows our work over the years of college and it shows our growth.
  • I learned how to organize documents and I learned more about myself as a student. I can see how my work has improved over each semester.
  • What ePortfolio showed me in the long run was how I progressed in learning. What I mean by that is that as I look back on my journals, asp’s, etc. I could notice even the small details as my learning grew. For example, my format on how my content even looked. That itself showed how much I have improved, because that before college was something i barely focused of. Also, as I read my content in my ePortfolio, I can clearly see how my work has improved. My journals are longer, and I interconnect every journal with another.
  • ePortfolio has supported my growth and learning by teaching me how to write about different situations and recognizing choosing good work from the bad. I learned from reflecting and planning that you need to use time wisely because without time it isn’t possible to complete a good portfolio without good timing.
  • In the process of making my ePortfolio, I learned that every experience through college is a learning process and that each time I go to class, I learn something that is necessary for my future career. Also, making my ePortfolio made me learn things that I didn’t know about myself before. It helped me to know who I am and why I am here.
  • I feel more professional. The ePortfolio creates a professional feeling and accomplishment.

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